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News >> Auditors Diary 2015- Telephone numbers of staff published in 'Staff List' tab below. Please check the numbers of your district. Corrections if any,send to upabdulmajeed@yahoo.com within 2 days.....  

Welcome to the official website of Kerala Local Fund Audit Association

The Kerala Local Fund Audit Association, the only heard voice of the Staff of the Department since its inception, has been relentlessly striving for the welfare of the employees and for the overall development of the department. Kerala Local Fund Audit Association, registered in 1956, obviously is one of the pioneers of service organizations in Kerala which represents majority of the employees in the Local Fund Audit Department. The Association has been at the forefront of every movement towards the strengthening of the Department and for the protection of the interest of the employees. The Local fund Audit Act of 1994, and the Local Fund Audit Rules of 1996, have become the backbone in the functioning of the Department which are the results of the tremendous effort put in by the Association.

The Association differentiates itself from other service organizations in its high involvement to increase the quality of service and to improve the potentials of the employees. Audit Service, the mouth piece of the Association has completed fifteen years of successful publication. 11 volumes of Auditors Diary which is a unique compilation of the Acts, Rules, Government Orders etc relevant for efficient auditing have been brought out so far. This publication is widely accepted as a reliable reference material.

The Association frequently organizes workshops, training sessions and seminars for the employees. Relaxation of the ceiling of T A to the members of the staff ,issue of identity cards , sanctioning of new posts to strengthen the Department ,opening of new offices, beginning of modernization in the Department are the results of the continuous struggles and pressure from the part of the Association.

The website is the latest attempt by the Association to modernize and professionalize Local Fund Audit using the seamless opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technology.


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